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The "PIRATE of the AIRWAYS" Miniature Raygun Collection No. 5


Exquisitely crafted by hand in England, in English pewter, by an English (possibly Welsh) man, this miniature raygun has been meticulously designed by Herr Döktor for YOU.

"Many a heart broken, a buckle swashed, or neck snapped by those rapscallions of the Air, armed to the teeth, and other parts, all carrying weapons such as this- Why? Because they ARRRRRRRRR!"

Presented in a labeled metal box, in a velvet drawstring bag, this raygun, although only 1/4 life-size will bring you hours of pleasure as you point it making "pew-pew" noises.

This replica is no more than 8.5cm long, and fits inside a tin more usually suited to extra strong mints than extra powerful rayguns.