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The "METROPOLIS" Miniature Raygun Collection No. 1


Exquisitely crafted by hand in England, in English pewter, by an English (possibly Welsh) man, this miniature raygun has been meticulously designed by Herr Döktor for YOU.

"In the Violent and successful workers uprising in the sprawling Metropolis of Central Europe, Many weapons of this type were ‘Liberated’ from the secret police, and used to great effect by the disenfranchised proletariat"

Presented in a labeled metal box, in a velvet drawstring bag, this raygun, although only 1/4 life-size will bring you hours of pleasure as you point it making "pew-pew" noises.

This replica is no more than 8cm long, and fits inside a tin more usually suited to extra strong mints than extra powerful rayguns.