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Goggles Ring


AT LAST! Available again, the semi legendary Goggles ring, but now in SIX DIFFERENT SIZES!

Do you want to wear goggles all the time? Yes?!? Then now you can!

Created by master craftsman Herr Döktor, these highly detailed and visually authentic rings are cast in the finest English pewter in the former industrial heartland of the Empire, Birmingham, lovingly polished to a shine, and placed in luxurious padded satin black ring boxes: the ideal gift for the Retrofuturist in your life, for yourself, or anyone with a fascination for goggles!

Available in six sizes, L UK/6 US, N UK/7 US, P UK/8 US, R UK/9 US, T UK/10 US and V UK/11 US.

The smaller sizes can also be worn as pinky rings, and the larger as thumb rings.

Available exclusively from Herr Döktor's Emporium, or wherever Herr Döktor may be found.